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Archivoltogallery's ride - October 6th, 2019

Susa Finestre Vecchia Serian Assietta Cannoni Susa

It was a nice tour, starting from home. Departure from Susa (m. 500) with a long climb up to Colle delle Finestre (m. 2200) on a dirt road.
The road is now more badly set but always pedaled.
Ascent to the Colle della vecchia, bypassing the Ciantiplagna mountain (m. 2850) and after a bit of descent we reached the Gran Seren fortification with the old nineteenth-century ruins and its gunboats to follow.
After a while of up and down we hang up at the Colle dell'assietta and follow the Top of the Assietta where in 1700 a violent battle was fought to defend the borders of Piedmont from the French attack, twenty thousand french people died here.
We continue our route always on a dirt road until we reach the Assietta refuge and then the junction for the "Cannoni" road.
And now almost 2000 meters of beatiful descent!
A beautiful single track descent awaits us and leads us into the awesome Salbertrand forest. (la strada dei cannoni nel Gran bosco di Salbertrand)
Arrived in the village of Salbertrand you just have to ride on the paved road up to Susa.
This currently remains one of the best bike rides I've done.

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